Next Messier Targets

This is a listing of my Messier object observations. Will use this to keep track of which objects I've seen, when, and what they looked like.

M# Type Constellation Mag/Size Comments  
M002 Globular Cluster Aquarius 6.5 / 16'   Chart
M072 Globular Cluster Aquarius 9.3 / 6.6'   Chart
M073 Open Cluster Aquarius 9.0 / 2.8'   Chart | Sketch
M030 Globular Cluster Capricornus 7.2 / 12'   Chart
M009 Globular Cluster Ophicus 7.7 / 12'   Chart
M010 Globular Cluster Ophicus 6.6 / 20'   Chart
M012 Globular Cluster Ophicus 6.7 / 16'   Chart
M014 Globular Cluster Ophicus 7.6 / 14'   Chart
M107 Globular Cluster Ophicus 7.9 / 13'   Chart
M026 Open Cluster Scutum 8.0 / 15'   Chart | Sketch
M55 Globular Cluster Sagittarius 6.3 / 19' Try 10:45PM 8/27/11 Chart

Try again 2012

M# Type Constellation Mag/Size Comments  
M101 Spiral Galaxy Ursa Major 7.9 / 22' Tried to find 8/5/11, think I was looking in the right place, possibly saw largish VERY FAINT patch barely brighter than background sky but could not confirm. Further reading suggests this is a very hard target and really needs to be observed from a dark site. Try again spring of '12, possibly not form backyard. Chart | Sketch
M106 Spiral Galaxy Canes Venatici 8.4 / 19'x8' Tried to find 8/5/11. Likely just too low in the sky, washed out by skyglow. Try again spring of 2012, possibly from a darker site. Chart
M053 Globular Cluster Coma Berenices 7.6 / 13' Wait till spring 2012 Chart
M064 Galaxy Coma Berenices 8.5 / 9.3'x5.4' Wait till spring 2012 Chart | Sketch
Reference: M13 - 5.8 / 20' | M71 - 8.2 / 7.2'
Last update - 2011/08/04
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