Hi there everyone, hope you all had a good year. Things went pretty well for me this year, I finished up my last cross country season, graduated from college (for which I thank all of you for helping me to get through), and got a new car (replacing my sadly departed Mustang).  The job hunt is going pretty well and things are getting exciting. I apologize for not getting my card out sooner this year, but I've been holding it off hoping that I could launch my new web site at the same time I sent this out.  Sadly I've been to busy to finish it all up so hopefully the new website will be up in the first few weeks of January, it'll be on www.MikeCase.net.  I'll e-mail everyone when the final version is finished.   Until then I hope that you all have a great Christmas and New Year and hopefully I'll be seeing you all soon.

Take Care,