Well, 2002 has certainly been an exciting year for me. I travelled many places, including some I'd never been to before, my employment with LA County has been good and it looks like I should be getting my first promotion very soon. The big news though is that as of May 19th, I became engaged to my girlfriend Erika. Now as you can imagine things are getting pretty exciting for me. I'm saving up for my first house and we are starting to make wedding plans, although it looks like our wedding will likely be in early 2004 there's a lot to plan (well, certainly a lot more than I had imagined!)

As for my travelling, this year I visited Napa, once in March once in May, Paris in April, Mexico in September, and Yosemite in December. Napa was great both times. I went in March to join a group of like minded wine enthusiasts I met on the internet for a big wine tasting and dinner, and in may I went up to visit my long time friend and cross country coach Dan, and to taste some more wine. Paris was a blast too, having never been there I was completely awed by the amount of history packed into the city. The Louvre was amazing, filled with historic artwork from art masters from every generation. Mexico was a good time too, we stayed in Cabo San Lucas and it was both beautiful and relaxing. Lastly, Yosemite was a great time. We went up there to celebrate my parents 30th wedding anniversary as well as my 24th birthday. Oh yeah, and there was a big wine tasting event while we were there too :-) Its been a lot of fun.

With all the travelling I've been doing its a wonder I've had any time to work on my web site. Still, I managed to finally have an interface for my web site so you can kind of keep tabs on me. Mostly its photos for now, but I hope to add a news section soon. As always you can check it out at http://www.mikecase.net. Well I hope everything is well with all of you, I know I haven't gotten the chance to see some of you as often as I'd like, but I hope to get the chance to visit with all of you again in the new year. Take care and have a happy and safe holiday.

Mike Case

P. S. For those of you who haven't been there this year's picture is a (slightly modified) photo from Inspiration Point in Yosemite that I took on my birthday in December.

P. S. Write after I finished writing this my boss came by and informed me I got my promotion as of 12/10... Woohoo!!!