new website launch

Feb 22, 2005 - Today marks a new chapter for mikecase.net. I have migrated to a new hosting provider and I'm taking the opportunity to re-work a few parts of the website. Since 1997 my website has been through many iterations, most recently as a simple place to post pictures and house the Bordeaux Wine Enthusiasts Tasting Note Archive. While this has certainly been functional, I've decided it's time to make this place a little more interesting. As such, I'm adding a few new sections, a yearly calendar that features holidays and family birthdays, a section covering my new interest in astronomy, and this news section which I hope to update several times a year. I'm also testing the idea of adding a blog-style section that will cover my thoughts on whatever I feel like writing about at the moment. Finally, I'll be re-working the wine tasting note archive to take advantage of newer technologies and improve stability. Hope you enjoy things...

Mike Case

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